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Horizontal dials

 Equation of time plate_Stephen Holehan SundialsArmillary Sphere_Stephen Holehan Sundials

Armillary Spheres

Yorkshire Sundial MakerVertical/Wall sundial_Stephen Holehan Sundials

Wall dials

Individually hand crafted armillary spheres (globes) , horizontal sundials & vertical sundials.

Sundial maker Stephen Holehan’s personalised and beautifully engraved garden sundials make                 stunning wedding and birthday gifts and are all accurately calculated. Accurately

Email           Phone 01977 680118 .

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Sundial slide show

Email            Phone 01977 680118

Stephen Holehan Sundials    

     “The Yorkshire Sundial Maker”

“Just to say the sundial arrived and is more beautiful than I could have imagined - thank you so much! My other half was a bit speechless and he loves it -

 Thanks again - it's a really special thing and the perfect 50th birthday present! “  C.D. Surrey.

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