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Please click on the images below for details and pricing of Armillary Spheres, Horizontal sundials, Wall dials & Plinth Suppliers.

Horizontal sundial_stephen_holehan_sundials

Horizontal dials

These exquisite designs, unique to Stephen Holehan are beautifully hand crafted in solid brass, coppered & verdigrised brass and steel; Lloyds register exterior grade timber and composite material.

All sundials can be engraved or letter cut with personal inscriptions or prose and are

 individually made to order so that they will be accurate to the place in which they will be sited.

A truly unique gift or present to one’s self!

Armillary sphere_stephen_holehan_sundialssundial commissions_stephen_holehan_sundialsArmillary Spheres(mobile)

Armillary Spheres

Wall dials by Stephen Holehan

Wall dials

Sundial plinths- stephen holehan sundials


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