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Stephen makes a wide variety of Vertical sundial designs all calculated for their exact position and angle of wall declination; so it is difficult to list exact prices here. As a guide these dials start from  £550.00 up to four figures depending on materials, size and complexity.

Please contact Stephen for an absolutely no obligation quote regarding Letter Carved and Painted Hardwood & Engraved Brass Sun dials.

Vertical sundials can be made for wall facing Due East through due South to due West. It is possible to have North facing NE/ N /NW dials but these will only show the very early and late hours on these faces during summer months.    

Vertical sundial_letter carved and painted hardwood_StephenHolehanSundials_5resin bound stone wall dial-StephenHolehan Sundials

Wall dials do not have to be on a vertical wall as it is possible to include the effect of the dial tilting forward /backwards within the layout(Epure) of the dial.

Stephen can send you a special instructions to measure all of this. All you need are some sunny days! Wall angles taken with a magnetic compass or smart phone “app” are not accurate, a true solar angle of declination reading is required.

Stone Wall Dials

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Brass Wall Dials

From £480.00

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Please note,  Due to a large number of orders for vertical dials I cannot take any more wall dial orders until further notice   25/04/2018 (other products are not affected)


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