Back ground shading Armillary Sphere on plinth made by Stephen Holehan Sundials Vertical declining painted sundial made for a fisherman Image of blue painted pillar dial Carving tools on wooden sundial Armillary sundial in beautiful garden walled  setting  Equation of time platemade by Stephen Holehan Sundials


Individually hand crafted armillary spheres (globes) , horizontal sundials & vertical sundials.  Sundial maker Stephen Holehan’s personalised and beautifully engraved garden sundials make stunning wedding and birthday gifts and are all accurately calculated .

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Stephen Holehan sundials

Close up image of engraving on an armillary sphere

Armillary Spheres

Horizontal sundial commission in Worth Park U.K.

Horizontal dials

White painted vertical sundial on grade 2 listed building

Wall dials

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